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AGS - Making Automatic Transmission a Sensible Choice | Arenaworld

At Maruti Suzuki, we are determined to keep developing better automatic transmission technologies to bring you cars that will enhance your driving experience. The Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology is a monumental step in that direction. An intelligent technology that provides the convenience of an automatic transmission and the fuel efficiency of manual transmission seems almost ideal; well, AGS is just that!

What you should know about AGS

The AGS technology comprises an Electronic Controller Unit and a Shift Control Actuator that is mounted in the car’s transmission unit. 

When you drive a Maruti Suzuki car with AGS, the intelligent Shift Control Actuator will assess the dynamic driving conditions based on the speed of the car and the driver’s accelerator inputs – ensuring automatic gear shifts just when needed.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages offered by AGS: -

It’s pretty accessible

Since Auto Gear Shift is an automatic transmission technology, you may think that the prices of Maruti Suzuki cars with AGS will be considerably higher compared to manual versions. That is where AGS surprises – it offers the advantages of an automatic transmission while still being accessible to car buyers. For a small price difference, you get the convenience of automatic transmission which makes it a lot easier to drive in traffic.

Fuel efficiency

AGS has been designed especially keeping in mind the Indian road conditions to offer an exceptional balance between performance and fuel efficiency. In fact, models available with AGS are capable of delivering fuel-efficiency figures that are similar to manual versions.  

Widest service network in India

Routine maintenance is essential for consistent performance be it a manual or automatic car. When you buy a Maruti Suzuki car with AGS transmission, you get access to the widest network of authorized service centres across India. This makes timely service of your Maruti Suzuki AGS car quite easy and convenient.

Superior performance, greater fuel efficiency, and better drivability in traffic conditions at an excellent price point - that’s precisely what Maruti Suzuki cars with AGS offer. Click here to know more about Auto Gear Shift technology by Maruti Suzuki.

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