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Know The Difference Between Active & Passive Safety Features

Automotive safety keeps evolving in the course of cars getting more modern, and rightly so. This advancement in safety features is necessary in more ways than one – it makes our current crop of cars safer while also paving the way for new safety features to be introduced in future iterations.

As a car buyer, this is where you need to understand how these different safety features function. Primarily, they are divided into Active & Passive safety features.

Active Safety

Active Safety features comprise of technologies that actively work and sense the driving dynamics and real-time road conditions to prevent or mitigate an unfortunate crash. Being preventive in nature, these features respond 'instinctively' to detect any risk when the car is on the move. Furthermore, some active features also work without driver action and intervene automatically, adding a much needed layer of safety and security.

Passive Safety

These features come into play in the unfortunate case of collision. The primary objective of passive safety features is to mitigate collision impact and injuries that may arise out of it.

The Most Common Active and Passive Safety Features in Modern Cars

Active Safety Features

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) – On panic braking, ABS regulates the braking to keep the wheels moving. This, in turn, allows the driver to maintain steering control.

Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) – This works in conjunction with ABS and helps in efficient and effective braking.

Brake Assist – It detects emergency braking and boosts the brakes to make the vehicle halt.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP) – By automatically taking control of braking and steering, ESP helps counteracts vehicle skidding to prevent rollover and side-crash.

Hill Hold Assist – It ensures ample brake pressure to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards on an incline.

Passive Safety Features

Vehicle Body Platform – The most crucial car safety feature is the vehicle platform that underpins a car. It has a major effect on the driving dynamics and stability of the vehicle and how the car’s body absorbs and disperses impact during a collision.

Airbags – These mitigate the risk of bodily injuries by shielding the passengers’ heads and torsos after the frontal impact.

ISOFIX – A standardized child seat fixation points to avoid any mistakes while mounting the child seats.

Pre-tensioners with Force Limiters (PTFL) – Seat belts with PTFL help restrain the occupant and retract the body safely in an instant crash or heavy jerk.

How Maruti Suzuki Ensures Complete Safety While Driving

Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to providing improved, advanced, and effective safety is what makes us India’s most loved car brand. We are moving in sync with the times by providing a number of segment-first safety features:

➢ Head Up Display* which displays a lot of important details in the driver’s line of sight, including driving information, navigation and essential alerts.

➢ 360 View Camera* that offers 3 camera modes and shows a 360° view of the outside for ease of parking, alongside the Approaching Object Detection (AOD) feature.

➢ Maruti Suzuki NEXA and 9 Arena models are underpinned by the next-gen HEARTECT platform, taking passive safety up the notch. An advanced and rigid frame, HEARTECT is made using high tensile steel and employs crumple zones to reduce and disperse collision impact.

➢ All Maruti Suzuki cars come with Dual Front Airbags as standard. The top variants of new Maruti Suzuki cars have 6 airbags (front, side and curtain) for enhanced safety.

➢ All models come equipped with ISOFIX and PTFL to provide additional safety.

➢ ABS with EBD is a standard feature as well to keep the driving safe and secure in all Maruti Suzuki cars.

➢ Technologies like ESP* and HLA in NEXA cars actively assist while driving on hilly terrains.

With these and many more crucial safety features, Maruti Suzuki cars aim to keep you safe and sound.


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