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Smart Hybrid - Mobility Made Intelligent | Arenaworld

Smart Hybrid is an innovative and future-ready technology that aids drivability with intelligent techniques, saves on fuel consumption and enhances driving performance. It is a ‘smart’ and intelligent product that helps Maruti Suzuki deliver some of the most fuel-efficient hybrid cars in India. This advanced automotive technology is a progressive step towards a greener future with clean and intelligent mobility.

The Smart Hybrid cars are equipped with lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries, a dual battery setup that is connected to an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), in place of a conventional alternator. The technology utilizes these two main components to store the surplus energy produced by the car during deacceleration and braking, and then re-use it for future purposes, in Idle Start/Stop and Torque assist functions.

The Smart Hybrid technology offers a set of intelligent features that take usual, everyday driving to the next level. It provides effective solutions to real life situations concerning the future of people’s mobility:

Idle Start/Stop

The Idle Start/Stop function in Smart Hybrid technology is focused at improving the fuel-efficiency of Maruti Suzuki cars. It lets you switch your car’s engine on and off effortlessly to save on fuel consumption when the car is idling at a traffic signal or at standstill. The engine gets turned off as soon as you release the clutch, and restarts the moment you depress it again. The whole process is seamless and requires control of just one pedal, inspiring easy e-mobility and leading to some of the most economical hybrid cars.

Brake Energy Regeneration

The kinetic energy released during braking and deacceleration is converted into electrical energy by the ISG and stored into the high-capacity dual battery setup. The stored energy is then used to power Idle Start/Stop and Torque Assist functions. Maruti Suzuki, with regeneration of energy and using it to power several functions, manufacturers some of the most efficient hybrid cars that drive towards a sustainable future.

Torque Assist

Smart Hybrid technology not only offers better fuel efficiency and savings, but also promises a power-packed performance. It assists with the car’s acceleration to offer better, quicker and smoother pickup, while reducing the engine load and eventually improving engine life. The overall performance of the car gets enhanced, thanks to a peppy and powerful driving experience that saves on fuel costs as well.

The Smart Hybrid technology makes your life easy and brings about a noticeable positive difference in your way of driving, focused towards green mobility. It is available with Maruti Suzuki’s range of BS-6 petrol engines in - Baleno, Ciaz, Ertiga, S-Cross, Brezza and XL6.

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