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Approved Tyres for uncompromised safety and superior performance of your car

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Tyre | Ceat 145/80R13 Fuelsmarrt | S-Presso (L Variant)


₹ 3 094
(₹ 3 094 / Number)

Tyre | Ceat 155/65R14 Milaze | WagonR (V Variant)


₹ 3 452
(₹ 3 452 / Number)

Tyre | Ceat 165/80R14 Milaze | Dzire (L&V variants)


₹ 3 655
(₹ 3 655 / Number)

Tyre | JK 145/80R13 Ultima-NXT | WagonR (L Variant)


₹ 3 680
(₹ 3 680 / Number)

Tyre | Ceat 155R13 8PR LT Milaze | Eeco (All Variants)


₹ 3 910
(₹ 3 910 / Number)

Tyre | Goodyear 155/65R14 GT3 | WagonR (V Variant)


₹ 4 175
(₹ 4 175 / Number)

Tyre | Goodyear 165/80R14 Duraplus | Dzire (L&V Variants)


₹ 4 472
(₹ 4 472 / Number)

Tyre | JK Tyre 165/80R14 Tornado | Dzire (L&V Variants)


₹ 4 557
(₹ 4 557 / Number)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best tyre for your car?

OE approved Tyres are the best tyres to buy for your car. They are high quality, reliable and provide optimal performance - the same performance is intended to be delivered by the Original Equipment(OE) manufacturer.
So relax at home and buy genuine quality tyres online from MSGA. Our inventory includes Tyres from the leading OE Tyre manufacturers - Apollo, CEAT, JK Tyres, Bridgestone, Goodyear.

All Car Tyres sold by MSGA are OE approved. The Car Tyres have been tuned to elegantly adapt to the model and make of Maruti Suzuki cars to deliver reliable performance and trust.

How do I choose a car tyre?

Few tips for choosing the perfect Tyre for your car:
1. Tyre Quality - High quality Car Tyres are very important to negotiate difficult curves, prevent slipping in rains and for efficient braking performance ensuring your safety.
2. Tubeless vs Tube Tyres - Tube tyres are quite prone to puncture and collapse while Tubeless tyres for cars are effective in retaining the air pressure providing some extra kilometers run to find a service center in a puncture situation.
3. Tyre Size - Choose the right sized tyre according to your car model. The tyre size is mentioned on the side of the tyre. For eg: 145/80 R12 where 145 is the tyre's tread width in 'mm', 80 is aspect ratio (the precentage of tyre that contributes in making sidewall height), R is the Radial type tyre construction and 12 is diameter of wheel in 'inches'.

Car Tyres from MSGA are OE approved tyres. OE stands for Original Equipment which means they are the same tyres which were fitted in your car at the production assembly line. These Car Tyres are made from reliable OE approved quality material which have undergone rigorous performance, quality, safety and ride comfort checks and follow the brand philosophy and DNA of Maruti Suzuki. 
Choose from the wide variety of options available in varied Wheel sizes and tread patterns.

What is the cost of car tyre?

The Car Tyre price generally depends on their quality, size, tread pattern and nature of the Tyre(tube/tubeless) with the tubeless tyre price being slightly higher than that of the tube tyres.

OE approved MSGA Car Tyres are of a premium quality, highly reliable and follow Maruti Suzuki's philosophy of Customer Satisfaction and Trust. These Car Tyres truly live up to their cost as well as the expectations of the customer. With MSGA you can choose from the wide variety of Car Tyre options available in our inventory and place enquiry for tyres online from the comfort of your couch.

When should we change Car tyre?

Tyres play a very important role in the On-Road performance of your car. Thus proper maintenace of Car Tyres and knowing when to change Car Tyres becomes equally necessary. Once the damage starts to be noticeable in terms of wear and tear, side bulges or less efficient braking its probably time to invest in a new set of tyres.

A tread depth of 1.6mm is considered unsafe and calls for immediate change in tyres.

Engineered to perfection, the OE approved premium quality Car Tyres from MSGA have been optimised to provide your car the performance the manufacturer intended as they were designed together with the production vehicle. 
So do away with the frequent hassle of Tyre changing with the heavy duty and long lasting performance delivered by Car Tyres from MSGA.

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Alloy Wheel 16 Brezza
₹4 000
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